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296                            LETTERS   FROM   THE

the passage of the tropic with a thousand mum-
meries and rough jokes.

January 2,6th, 1802.

Yesterday was hot, but our sailors danced
away till it was dark; for we have a band of
music on board, consisting of two trumpets, that
summon us to dinner, two clarionets and a drum.
The soldiers sing in the evening an endless German
song, and the sailors impromptu in Danish, of which
the wit is lost upon me. We have seen some flying-
fish, but no tropical birds. Our deck is covered
with an awning, which makes it very pleasant.

January zjth, 1802.

The thermometer is risen to 99.   Everybody
is beginning to take shower-baths of salt water.

Fort Royal, Martinique, Feb. 4th, 1802.

We landed here yesterday morning. My old
friend Sir Thomas Trigge was very happy to see
me, and has taken us all into his house. We are